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Natural stone flooring tiles that are available in the market

Nowadays, many people have started making use of natural stone flooring tiles. These stones give a very beautiful effect to the home and property which is why they are becoming very common. These stones are normally made out of material that is slabbed, quarried, cut to size and finished. Some of the most common natural flooring tiles that are used include marble, granite, slate, limestone and quartz countertops Abbotsford by TileMart  They also come with different characteristics and functions depending on where you want to use the stone for.

Below are the type of natural flooring tiles explained.


This is a type of natural stone that is made out of the metamorphic rock which has a very rich vining and is also available in a number of different colors. Compared to granite, marble has been found to be more porous and is not the best flooring tile to make use of in your kitchen. If it is the only option you have for your kitchen, then it can be sealed and honed on a regular basis so that you are able to make sure that they are going to give you good service.


This is a natural stone which is known to be an igneous rock which is very hard and dense. It normally has a very distinctive appearance which is normally due to the speckled minerals that are usually found within the hard rock. It can also be found in very many different colors that are unique. This type of natural stone is very impressive and is the best choice for you when you are choosing a flooring tile for your kitchen counter top Once this stone is polished, it is able to resist any kind of scratching.


This natural stone is known to be a sedimentary rock which offers its users an earthy appearance that is in both dark and light shades. The surface of  Dal Tile stone can be polished and textured to give it an appealing look. Compared to marble and granite, this type of natural stone is less dense.  However, it can easily be stained which also makes it very prone to scratching. Due to this, it is not the best stone to make use of in high-traffic flooring areas and also your kitchen.


This is another type of limestone which is able to give its users a kind of crystallized appearance which comes with an earthy tone kind of look. It has a natural surface that has pivots and pitting and is also known to be porous and soft. Since it can easily get stained and scratched, it is not recommended to be used as a type of kitchen flooring tiles. 

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