How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Forever

With professional heat treatment expensive, you can resolve to try it on your own. It is possible to get the temperature in your home high enough to kill the bed bugs. DIY form of heat treatment is cheap and effective if the right steps are followed. The different do-it-yourself bed bug heat treatment methods are, renting a bed bug heater, using a steamer cleaner and cleaning your clothes at high heat. 

The bed bug heaters are not complicated equipment. You can rent a heater from online stores to eliminate bed bugs in your home.  Though it is not easy to find bed bug heaters, you can search online at a relatively cheaper price. There are sites that rent these heaters, with some offering nationwide services and others limited to certain regions. Most of these sites allow you to rent the heaters for a minimum of one week. This provides enough time to treat several rooms multiple times.

Before using the bed bug heat treatment, prepare your home. Move all the furniture at least four inches from the wall, dispose of all trash and any unwanted possessions, and remove all items that can break or perish, de-cluster your clothes to allow room for airflow.

Lean your furniture against the walls to allow the circulation of air around the furniture. This ensures there are no cold spots for the bed bug to hide.

Since you use the heater from one room to another, seal the room that you will be heating.  By use of a sealant, cover all the cracks on the wall and in between boards. You are also required to seal the crack under the door.

Use temperature monitors around the room to help ensure you achieve the required level of heat. In case you do not have the monitors, check the heat manually.

To hasten the process, turn on your ceiling fan. If you do not have a fan, it is advisable you buy one. The fan helps to circulate the air faster hence taking less time to heat the room.

Continue with the treatment for some hours.  As the process continues, flip the furniture to ensure the heat reaches all the spots where bed bugs hide.

Repeat the heat treatment process in different rooms of your home.

The use of a steam cleaner can be effective when it comes to furniture, baseboards, carpets, and other fabrics. This is because steam cleaners can get into cracks. The effective steam temperature for bed bug elimination is 130 Degrees Fahrenheit. The use of a diffuser is effective in preventing scattering of bed bugs in case of a forceful airflow.

In case you realize bed bugs on our clothes, cleaning and dry the clothes in high temperatures, the heat will definitely kill the bed bugs.

Whichever heat treatment method you choose to use in eliminating bed bugs in your home, ensure you are familiar with the procedure. Take precautions to avoid injuring yourself or damaging your items.