Approaches to magic mushrooms consumption

Magic mushrooms which are also refferd to as shrooms, golden tops or mushies can be found in the wild or they can be cultivated.They are naturally occurring and are composed of psilocybin which is known to contain hallucinogenic and psychotropic compounds. It is estimated that there are about 116 species of the psilocybin. They are mostly found in Mexico with more being distributed in other parts of the world including; Africa, Canada, US, Europe, Australia, Asia and some related islands shop at Shroom Hub

Their potential benefits depend on various factors like the origin, conditions of growth, the harvest period, species and whether they are consumed fresh or dried. There are various ways to consume shrooms to achieve the desired outcomes. 


Sweetness is a friendly taste on our tongues and the opposite can be said for a bitter taste. Mushrooms are known for a bitter taste and this maybe a great method to consume shrooms without having to expose your taste buds to the torture of an unpleasant taste. The other advantage that comes with capsules is that you do not have to go through the awkwardness of public scrutiny as in raw or smoking mushrooms consumption, they can be taken discreetly. 

Raw consumption 

This is the simplest method of consumption. However, it is extremely important to wash your mushrooms thoroughly before taking them raw. To ease the burden of breaking down the mushrooms on your stomach, chew properly before swallowing preferably chew into a paste. 

Mushroom tea 

A gram of dried out mushrooms for one cup of tea is another way to consume your mushrooms. It can take a maximum of an hour to prepare mushroom tea but ensure that you do not exceed an hour in boiling the mushrooms to avoid reducing the potency. 

Take your shrooms with other dishes 

Mushrooms can be sprinkled or mixed with other dishes. There are many creative ways to consume mushrooms through this approach including some of the common dishes they are mixed with like pizzas. Dishes that mask the mushroom flavor for example can come in handy. Again, ensure to wash properly ought to benefit to avoid providing a perfect media for virulent bacteria to multiply to infectious levels. 

Mushroom juice  

A great method to mask the taste of the shrooms while achieving the sought benefits is through mushroom juice. You just have to get your proffered type of juice whether its pineapple or orange juice and add the crushed mushrooms, shake well and and drink. This may be a quick way to get results as the body absorbs liquids faster. 

Whether you are taking mushrooms for health purposes or any other perceived benefits it is necessary to maintain high hygiene standards and the right is also necessary to do your research before taking shrooms to ensure your health safety and maximum benefits.