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I promise to work tirelessly to nab what I can for the site and deliver it to you accurately and as fast as possible.

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My name is Danny Sachs. I was born and raised in Honolulu and built street rods for a living out of my garage in Kalama Valley, and for a short time out of my shop in Kaneohe. July 1997 I moved to Oregon. That was almost 12 years ago and I’ve missed Hawaii every day since. I didn’t always want to live on the mainland; it was something that just happened. Kinda like destiny, you never know where it will take you. -sigh- It took me here.

Honolulu Streets is a hot rod magazine that  features automotive news, articles and photos specifically from Hawaii. It is available on the internet and at this time it is not a printed publication.

Honolulu Streets is located on the web. I, on the other hand, live in Medford Oregon and post Honolulu Streets Magazine from here. It hasn’t been easy getting information for the website while living on the mainland but I work hard at it and do the best I can. That means I’m on the phone a lot or answering emails sometimes until 3am. Confirming stuff that goes into the magazine has been the hardest but I love Hawaii and think it’s all worth it.

Four years after moving to the Northwest I realized that I couldn’t take being removed from Hawaii anymore. So around January 2001 I bought a computer thinking that it would somehow keep me connected to my home. A whole solid two months went by before I was able to type my name with it but by March of that year I had Honolulu Streets Magazine up and running on the Internet.

Okay, so I thought buying a computer and surfing the Internet would keep me connected to Hawaii, enough so, that I wouldn’t need anything else. I was wrong. I needed something much more so I created a commitment to myself, and to anyone else who wanted to see Honolulu Streets Magazine. If others liked what I did on the Internet and wanted more of it, then there would be little doubt that posting Honolulu Streets wouldn’t keep me continuously connected to Hawaii.

If you’ve been watching Honolulu Streets for any length of time you’ve notice long periods between updates. I can’t change much of that from here but I promise to work tirelessly to nab what I can for the site and deliver it to you accurately and as fast as possible.