How long the Smoking Weeds effects?

The main  difference between the two are how long the effects take place and how long is the effect lasted even though many people think eating is more healthy than smoking. The differences between the two consumption methods are the duration of the high and the speed of its onset. Smoking compared to edibles, the two key benefits are as quick onset and short duration of the effects.

Edibles make one as high as smoking weed although when smoked the getting high process  is different.

By smoking weed, you feel the effects immediately lets within 10 – 15 minutes of taking a single puff while for the edible weeds you need to wait for about 2- 3 hours to feel the effects. For the smoke it contains toxic chemicals which could negatively cause the health of one’s lung. It is also more addictive when inhaled freshly oxygenated blood carries it straight from the lungs to brain.

As both enter into our bodies it’s processed differently. Meanwhile, when weed is smoked it is inhaled into the lungs directly and the person may experience coughing or breathing problem. When edibles are eaten, before being released into the bloodstream they are first processed in the stomach. The harmful chemicals found in them are very dangerous to human body.

Why should one eat edible weeds?

They are used as medicine to cure certain diseases

Most of them are found freely where you just pick them


It’s very easy to get since they grow everywhere.

Reduce anger and stress

The side effects found in edibles vs. smoking weeds are like;

One’s eyes start drying out

Low body temperature

Improve self-moods

The heart rates are increased.

Generally, smoking is more addictive to human body

Disadvantages of using Edible vs. Smoking Weeds

Impairedness during thinking

Potentially harmful medication interactions

Causes anxiety, fear or panic

They are life threatening since can cause death.


In conclusion, Edibles vs. Smoking Weeds it’s clear that edibles have benefits of not exposing you to diseases causing the toxics substances that are produced by burning plant matter. Therefore the effects of edible last much longer however the method to use will depend on your own lifestyle. Edibles considered being much safer consumption method than smoking.

For More Information :

How to use marijuana for pain relief

a) Introduction 

CBD means cannabidiol. It is extracted from a plant known as hemp. Mostly CBD is used in addressing anxiety and helping people suffering from the problem of sleeplessness. Research states one may fall asleep and as well stay asleep after taking CBD.  

CBD lowers pain 

CBD may give an alternative to treat dissimilar kinds of persistent suffering. CBD use for pain relief lowers swelling and ache as a result of arthritis. Most chronic illnesses and pains such as neuropathic and provocative pains can be hindered by use of CBD. 

CBD side effects 

When CBD use for pain relief is mishandled and misused it results to side effects which include; having dizziness, diarrhea, anxiety, mood changes, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, dry mouth, liver inflammation as a result of increased liver and enzymes and drowsiness.  

Different forms of CBD 

It is made up of various forms, which are: gummies, oral pills or capsules, salves, oil and tinctures, creams, topical patches and balms. Due to tinctures and oils having versatile structures they can be added to nutriments and liquid refreshments. They come with colored glass containers with a dropper thus one can also use their droppers and put one or two drops beneath the tongue and hold it for a while before shallowing. Oral ingestion can be used to administer capsules and gummies. Topical balms and patches are specifically for external usage, you can apply this product to affected regions alone. Doctors prescription on CBD use for pain relief should be strictly followed to avoid negative impact.   

CBD nerve pain relief 

CBD has proved to provide relief for resistant pain to patients with chronic illnesses like cancer. CBD medication has been set aside for administration to such patients to relieve them from pain. Researches and analysis reveal that nerve pain is reduced by use of CBD. This occurs as a result of regulation of speed at which glycine receptors (which are now controlled by CBD) pass information across nerve cells.  

Side Effects of CBD 

Various studies have revealed that CBD always has side effects which varies from an individual to the other. It is stated that it may hinder development of a fetus and infants, thus expectant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid it at all costs. For clear guidance and CBD usage on treatment of health condition, one is advised to seek Doctors prescription to get the right option for your condition and avoid getting in trouble. Patients with liver disorders should take cautions while using CBD. They should avail themselves for regular check-ups and close monitoring of enzymes level in blood liver. CBD can also raise level of some medication in blood and trigger effects, you have to confirm with health officer and know which medication to use and not to use with CBD.  


CBD can be helpful if well managed and can also cause a lot of damage if poorly used. Use CBD for correct purpose and most probably under doctors prescription. Caution! The substance is highly addictive, thus be wise and smart to avoid addiction.