Weed consumption can be relaxing, making your holidays and weekend more enjoyable. But what happens if you run short of cannabis and want it delivered immediately? That is when you need to buy them online to get them delivered fast to your doorstep. This article gives you the top tips to buy weed online for hassle-free and fast delivery.

Security of the website 

You should seriously consider the website’s safety if you are an online buyer of cannabis. Unfortunately, Internet fraud gangs often target unassuming customers who steal their information. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious when buying from suspicious-looking websites. Avoid it if you don’t see an SSL certificate. Also, getting in touch with other customers is a good idea, if you can.

Courier and delivery times

Reputable online weed vendors usually offer fast deliveries or even same-day deliveries. Fast deliveries should be the most critical criterion if you require weed urgently. In addition, make sure that they securely package and ship your cannabis with a regulated and secure courier. Authentic vendors will give you the added option to insure them.

Choose quality over quantity.

Educate yourself about the quality of cannabis and the best strains. Dispensaries will include detailed and confusing information in description boxes that may not make much sense to you. That is why it is crucial to take the time to learn about the most desirable strains and the best quality weed available in the market.

Read online customer reviews.

It would be best if you take the time to read customer reviews before you purchase a strain from a new dispensary. Reviews provide you with an insight into the nature of the dispensary. If the reviews are terrible, then avoid them. If they are good, then the store can be reliable and trusted. Buying weed online isn’t easy, especially if you are a beginner. However, reviews can be a great source of information about the integrity of the vendors.

Regular product restocking availability

Look for online dispensers that restock their inventory regularly so you can get your weed delivered as and when you want them. Ensure the vendors have an extensive product menu and can replenish your suppliers within your desired time frame. You may have to spend some time initially to find the right vendor, but this one-off exercise will yield results in the long run.


When ordering cannabis online, apart from the above-mentioned top tips to buy weed online, you need to ensure that the retailer is authorized to carry out the weed business, which is vital for your wallet, health, and security. Although the marijuana industry is booming, it is not legal in many places. However, as the laws legalizing marijuana continue to be passed in more areas, ordering Kubo Cannabis Canada will become safe.

What you should know about vaping vs. smoking THC?

The the world is going digital, and technology is evolving every day. We have seen a lot of transformation in many industries, one of which is the smoking sector. Smoking has become and is still growing. This article will forcus on vaping vs. smoking THC to help you understand the difference between the two and the current status of THC use.

The difference between smoking and vaping

Everyone knows what Smoking is. If you have never smoked, you have at least seen someone smoke. While smoking and vaping are so related, there is a big difference. For one to smoke THC, they use dried Marijuana, while vaping uses a liquid form of it that is electronically heated and produces vapor. 

For Marijuana to be more effective, its most active compound must be heated up. That is why vaping is considered more effective than Smoking. Researchers have shown that people who vape get high faster than people who smoke.

Why do people like vaping compared to Smoking

A significant number of people worldwide smoke, and others vape. Vaping is a relatively new way of taking Marijuana. Among people who vape, the most considerable number are youths and teenagers.

 People find it more fun to vape than to smoke simply because electronic cigarettes look more trendy, and also, different flavors can be added to them, making vaping more enjoyable. People vapor smoke marijuana mostly to feel high.

Though many have to weigh vaping vs. smoking THC, Vaping has proved

to make people high faster than Smoking, and that is another reason why vaping

is more trending than Smoking. Also, vaping is considered less harmful than

Smoking encourages more people to start vaping because they feel safer.

Vaping vs. Smoking, which is cheaper

The prices of vaping vs. smoking THC differ from state

to state. In countries where THC is legal, Vaping is considered cheaper than Smoking. But in countries where THC is not legal, vaping is quite

expensive since getting the liquid form of THC can be costly.

Also, It is difficult to get electronic cigarettes locally. But since dried THC is

locally available and cheaper, many people prefer smoking it because, after

all, they will still feel high.

Vaping Cons to Remember

You have to Learn it

Unlike smoking weed, when one can wake up and become a smoker, vaping must be learned.

One needs to learn how to vape effectively and maintain their vaping

gadgets. Many people don’t like learning, and some take weed secretly and would

not want anyone else to know about it. Therefore, knowledge would expose them

to a third party, and consequently, they prefer not to.

Must be Charged

Since an electronic cigarette is electronically powered. It will help if you keep charging it to use it. That is discouraging for people who do not have electricity or solar power

access. This concern makes many people weigh vaping vs. smoking THC to see which fits their needs better.


Neither vaping nor Smoking is safe for your health. But since people have the freedom

to choose their lifestyles, there is less we can do about it. We hope this

article has provided you with some critical information on vaping and smoking


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CBD Cosmetic Uses


CBD, Cannabidiol is a natural chemical compound derived from a plant of Cannabis sativa, the hemp variety that has 0.3% of THC. 

Cosmetics refers to the types of substances applied on the skin, hair, face or nails to change or improve the complexion. 

The compound is mixed with some types of oil e.g the coconut oil to make CBD oil that is applied and used in the cosmetic industry. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and non-oxidant properties make it to be a good oil for reducing potential attacks of dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema by smoothing the skin hence reducing the incidences of skin infections, people with sensitive skins can also comfortably use the oil. 

 CBD Cosmetic Uses 

The chemical extract from the hemp plant is used in producing oil which is used to treat a variety of skin defects ranging from acne, dryness and itching, ageing and wrinkles and skin infections. 

Acne Treatment 

Acne refers to the condition of the skin where hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells. The symptoms range from whiteheads, blackheads, small red, tender bumps pimples, papules having pus at the tips, large, painful lumps in the skin. 

The compound helps in the treatment of acne in the following ways: 

  • It reduces the rate at which the sebocytes secretes sebum hence reducing the acne formation rate. 
  • The antibacterial and antifungal properties hinder acne formation. 
  • In case of the appearance of any acne scars, it is used to treat the scars. 

The oil has been effective in acne treatment making it highly recommended for the same. 

Treatment of Skin Dryness and Itching 

Some people have a skin characteristic that even after applying a lot of oil to the body, the skin remains very dry, such kind of skin always itches and the owner most often is seen scratching the body. This is a skin defect. Its oil has proved capable of treating the problem. The oil helps in smoothening the skin layer hence reducing the appearance of dryness and irritation. People with highly sensitive skin can use it to be relieved of skin problems. 

Ageing and Wrinkles 

As people’s age increases, their skin age and begin to develop wrinkles due to the oxidative stress. The condition of the skin is one becomes of age can be treated by using its oil. The oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent ageing of the skin. 

Skin Infections 

Certain skin infections like skin rashes are due to bacterial or fungal attacks on the skin. The oil has antibacterial and antifungal attributes that help in treating skin diseases. 

CBD cosmic uses are attributed to the antibacterial, antifungal, non-oxidant and anti-inflammatory nature of the cannabidiol compound. The oil can be directly applied to the human skin, used together with the tropical oils or consumed to bring about the skin healing process.


Canada was the second country world globally to legalize weed globally on the 17th of October, 2018 for recreational reasons. Since it’s an organization, there has been an increase in its necessity. The federal government legalized it but left a big responsibility to the provincial administrations. Each province is unique in its rules, therefore, you will need to look at the policies specific to your province. Some provinces allow for the independent purchase of weed while other provinces formed a block within the government website to purchase weed. The latter include provinces such as New Brunswick, Ontario, BC, etc. The legalization comes with its restrictions such as limiting the number of weed grown to 4 for any recreational purposes. Before this, such purchases were restricted for medical purposes only  

Reliable statistics show that at least 100,000 Canadians had legally acquired medical weed. There is a limit of 30 grams of weed that can be used in any public setting at a given time. A huge population of users is between 25-34 years. 

How to get weed online 

When the government legalized weed, online vendors were granted permission to sell them within the provided guidelines in conjunction with the provincial administrations. These online vendors also provide delivery services so your privacy is highly protected. Before your purchase is approved, you need to verify your age; should be at least 18 years of age. The payments are made through SSL encrypted websites. The retailer is then left to do the packaging and left to deliver it to your house through postal mail. The deliveries are made within the next few days depending on the distance to your location 

Where to legally buy weed online 

New Brunswick – 

Ontario – 

Alberta – 

British Columbia – 

Saskatchewan – 

Quebec – 


Newfoundland – 

Nova Scotia – 

Yukon – 

Prince Edward Island – 

Nunavut – 

North West Territories – 

How to Purchase Medical Cannabis 

You as the patient must first register with a licensed producer of weed. After successful registration, you can buy directly from the producer’s websites. The order will be sent through your postal mail to your doorstep. Note that you will need to show your ID for verification of you as an adult and the owner of the weed  

Factors to consider before buying recreational weed 

Is the company a licensed producer? 

The size of the company 

How and when it was established 

What’s their reputation from clients? 

Are the website and business secure? 

How are the price and quality of the weed 

Be aware of illegal retailers whose licenses have been revoked but continue operating pretending to be genuine 


Canadians have been purchasing these for quite some time since the legalization of weed back in 2018.Before purchasing those head over to the internet and see what regulations have been put in place for your specific provinces. Failure to do this can lead to hefty punishments by the federal government 

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