Canada was the second country world globally to legalize weed globally on the 17th of October, 2018 for recreational reasons. Since it’s an organization, there has been an increase in its necessity. The federal government legalized it but left a big responsibility to the provincial administrations. Each province is unique in its rules, therefore, you will need to look at the policies specific to your province. Some provinces allow for the independent purchase of weed while other provinces formed a block within the government website to purchase weed. The latter include provinces such as New Brunswick, Ontario, BC, etc. The legalization comes with its restrictions such as limiting the number of weed grown to 4 for any recreational purposes. Before this, such purchases were restricted for medical purposes only  

Reliable statistics show that at least 100,000 Canadians had legally acquired medical weed. There is a limit of 30 grams of weed that can be used in any public setting at a given time. A huge population of users is between 25-34 years. 

How to get weed online 

When the government legalized weed, online vendors were granted permission to sell them within the provided guidelines in conjunction with the provincial administrations. These online vendors also provide delivery services so your privacy is highly protected. Before your purchase is approved, you need to verify your age; should be at least 18 years of age. The payments are made through SSL encrypted websites. The retailer is then left to do the packaging and left to deliver it to your house through postal mail. The deliveries are made within the next few days depending on the distance to your location 

Where to legally buy weed online 

New Brunswick – www.cannabis-nb.com 

Ontario – www.ocs.ca 

Alberta – www.albertacannabis.org 

British Columbia – www.bccannabisstores.com 

Saskatchewan – www.slga.com 

Quebec – www.sqdc.ca 

Manitoba- www.Igcamb.ca 

Newfoundland – www.shopcannabisnl.com 

Nova Scotia – cannabis.mynslc.com 

Yukon – www.cannabisyukon.org 

Prince Edward Island – www.peicannabiscorp.com 

Nunavut – www.nulc.ca 

North West Territories – www.ntlcc-cannabis.ca 

How to Purchase Medical Cannabis 

You as the patient must first register with a licensed producer of weed. After successful registration, you can buy directly from the producer’s websites. The order will be sent through your postal mail to your doorstep. Note that you will need to show your ID for verification of you as an adult and the owner of the weed  

Factors to consider before buying recreational weed 

Is the company a licensed producer? 

The size of the company 

How and when it was established 

What’s their reputation from clients? 

Are the website and business secure? 

How are the price and quality of the weed 

Be aware of illegal retailers whose licenses have been revoked but continue operating pretending to be genuine 


Canadians have been purchasing these for quite some time since the legalization of weed back in 2018.Before purchasing those head over to the internet and see what regulations have been put in place for your specific provinces. Failure to do this can lead to hefty punishments by the federal government 

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